Welcome to the Northwestern Region of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America!

Our region is rich in history.  We have the privilege of holding many of Schutzhund history’s “firsts”: first Schutzhund Club, first Schutzhund-style trial, first three USCA-licensed judges, first USA representative to compete in the EUSV (WUSV) International Championship, first National Championship, first inklings of an independent Schutzhund organization, first USCA magazine editor, first USCA Treasurer, first U.S. Sieger Show. From judges to competitors to trials to USCA members and staff, the Northwestern Region has played a vital role in Schutzhund in the United States from the very beginning.

Today our region contains 15 full member clubs, five teaching helpers, a teaching tracklayer, helpers at all classification levels including regional and national, numerous breeders, and a wide range of handlers and Schutzhund enthusiasts ranging in experience from international competitors to brand new handlers with their first dog.

2020 Northwestern Regional IGP3 Championship

Host club: Monterey Bay Schutzhund Club

Judge:  Deb Krsnich
Helpers: Willi Ortner and Keith Bendixen
Tracklayer: Diane O’Brien & Willi Ortner
Trial Secretary: Diane O’Brien
Photographer: Jose Moreno

Congratulations to our 2020 Regional IGP3 Champion
Christopher Campbell & Sirkus vom Donau-Ries

2nd place IGP3 – Cherie Flores & Baxter vom Sakral
3rd place IGP3 – Teresa Cowart & Finn McCool v. Haus Courtland
4th place IGP3 – Victor Armendariz & Gonzo Togaricha
5th place IGP3 – Amy Shiery & Aleshanee vom Pawtuxunt Land

Congratulations to our new IGP2 Regional Champion 
1st place IGP2 –  Doug Bryant with  with Freya Bryant and
2nd place IGP2 – Rossi Dengler with Ajax vom Haus Denfors K9

Congratulations to Lisa Smith with Beiley vom Caldera for earning the IGP1 Regional Champion!

A big “THANK YOU” to Monterey Bay Schutzhund Club for their perseverance to make this event happen, despite all the roadblocks they encountered leading up to the event. 

 Huge thank you goes to Cherie & Mike Flores for their assistance with the last minute change in venue and continued help and support throughout the event.

 Thank you to our judge Deb Krsnich, the ONLY judge will to travel to California during the “COVID times.”  Thank you for providing informative critiques and judging and making this event happen!

Thank you to all the volunteers, from all over California, who assisted with the many aspects of this trial, and to all the clubs and individuals who supported this event. 

It took a village to make this event happen!