2014 NW Championship Results

Left to right: Colleen with Louie, Joel with Arna, Deleta with Lobo

2014 Regional Championship Results

2014 Northwestern Regional IPO3 Champion:    Joel Monroe with Arna
2nd place IPO3:     Deleta Jones with Lobo
3rd place IPO3:     Colleen Gorgas with Louie
4th place IPO3:     Victor Armendariz with Nike
5th place IPO3:     Peter Harrington with “Stryke” (Pepper)
High In Trial:        Teresa Cowart with Chaos
Auslander Trophy:     Teresa Cowart with Chaos
High Tracking:         Colleen Gorgas with Louie
High Obedience:     Joel Monroe with Arna
High Protection:    Chris Wolters with Ace
High HOT Team:    Teresa Cowart with Chaos
Highest Breed-Surveyed Dog:     Colleen Gorgas with Louie
High Hundin:     Joel Monroe with Arna
Jim Lempner Perpetual Memorial Trophy:     Elise Kester
Most Inspirational Handler Award:     Colleen Gorgas

Full Trial Results