Request An Event

Event requests must be submitted through the USCA Website. This current page contains information on the following:

Event Request Instructions

Please follow the instructions below for submitting an Event Authorization Form (EAF). Only 1 person from your club (the event contact) should fill out the form for each event.

1.  Log into the USCA site (you must be logged in with your username and password to request an event)
2.  Select CLUBS & EVENTS
3.  Select your region
4.  Select the red button that reads REQUEST EVENT
5.  Fill out the form and ‘SUBMIT’

The form will be sent to the regional director who will approve, disapprove, or discuss modifications with you. Once approved, it will be forwarded on to the appropriate contacts who will populate the site, magazine, office files, etc.

A few things to note about the form:

  • Fields with a red asterisk are required.
  • Your events do NOT need names – this is a field reserved for things like THE WORKING DOG CHAMPIONSHIPS, SIEGER SHOW, etc. Of course feel free to name your event if you’d like.
  • The JUDGE box will not appear until you select the EVENT TYPE – obviously if you are hosting a Helper Seminar, there is no need for a judge. In that case a box requesting your TEACHING HELPER name will appear.
  • The form contains the ability to upload an event flyer and entry form. You might not have these documents ready at the time to make your event request; you can always add them later if you’d like. You must follow the appropriate rules for notifying your region of your event at least 21 days in advance.

Notifying the Region of Your Event

Please wait until you have received approval from the Regional Director before notifying the Northwestern Region of your event!

Notification guidelines according to EB#05-14:

Notification is to be provided to all clubs in the region three weeks (21 days) in advance of the sanctioned event.  Event notices must contain the date, specific location, and time of the event; the judge for the event, the contact person’s name and phone number for information, plus a link to the trial entry form and flier.

If all the above information (including the trial entry form and flier) is included with the EAF submitted through the USCA website, then when approved, this will count as the advanced notice of your event.

HOWEVER, any changes to the sanctioned event must be provided to all clubs in the Region via electronic mail, and/or digital communication, and posted to both Regional and USCA websites.

If a club is found to have hosted an improperly publicized USCA sanctioned event(s) it shall be reduced to affiliated status for one (1) year; and shall be required to meet all of the requirements once again to become a full member club.