July 5, 2017

Hello NW Region,

I hope you all had a safe and restful 4th of July!

I would like to welcome our two newest Full Member clubs, Utah GSD Schutzhunde Club and Bay Area Schutzhund Club! Both clubs hosted successful affiliation trials and have been moved to Full Member status. This brings us to 19 Full Member Clubs and 2 Affiliate Clubs in our region, for a total of 21 clubs. Please check the club listing on the Regional website to ensure that a) your club contact information is correct, and b) you are using the correct email for each club contact when sending event information out to the region. Thank you!

The Regional Meeting will be held on Saturday, September 16th, at the Central Coast Schutzhund Club field, at the conclusion of the final stadium phase for that day. This is an election year, so please be sure to send a club representative.

If you have any agenda items or proposed changes to the Regional Rules, please submit these via email to me, or Michele Clubb (ARD), or Lynn Ann Lohner (Sec) by August 5th. If you wish to review the Regional Guidelines/Rules, you can find them posted on the Regional webpage:

Since this is an election year, anyone considering a position on the Regional Board may be nominated by the representative of a full member club (although one need not be nominated – write-in balloting is permitted). Nominations are allowed from the floor during the Regional meeting, and all nominations must be seconded. Those considering a position on the Board may prepare a short candidate statement (2 minutes) to be presented at the meeting following their nomination.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, and I look forward to seeing you in September!

Kind regards,
Carissa Kuehn
Northwestern Regional Director

September 15, 2016


Hello NW Region,

Helpers for the 2016 USCA Nationals have been approved. A big congratulations to both Weston Kester and Kyle Krotter for being pre-selected for Nationals! We are very proud to have two of the Northwestern Region’s own helpers selected for this prestigious event!

The full slate of helpers is:

  • Weston Kester
  • Kyle Krotter
  • Adriel Linyear
  • Ryan White

Congratulations to all for being selected!

Just a few reminders for competitors entering the National Championship:

  1. One of the requirements (in addition to the qualifying score and participation in Regionals) is that the dog be registered with the USCA Breed Registry. If you have not done this yet, please do so as soon as possible. You can register the dog through the USCA website once you log in to the “Members Only” section; then look for the “Online Forms” button.
  2. The registration cut-off date for Nationals is October 14th.
  3. After the registration cut-off date for Nationals, no competitor may work on any of the pre-selected helpers for Nationals, even if this is their club helper. The full text of this rule can be found in the Helper Program, Section 16.4.1.

Also, please be sure to send a delegate to the Regional Meeting on September 24th, and be sure to submit your Delegate Forms for the GBM to the USCA Office by October 1st. This is an election year, and there is important business to be discussed by the member clubs of USCA, so please send a delegate this year.

Lastly, in order to make Nationals run smoothly and be the amazing event that it is, we need lots and lots of volunteers. Please check out the online signups for volunteer positions at Nationals: . Thank you to those who have stepped up to volunteer and help with the event!

Best wishes, and see you next week at Regionals,
Carissa Kuehn
Northwestern Regional Director

July 29, 2016


Dear Northwestern Region,

I hope this update finds you well, and I hope that you and your dogs are staying safe and as cool as you can get out there in this heat!

Below you will find information on the Regional meeting, on submitting agenda items and amending an existing EAF/approved event, and more. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • Regional Meeting

This year’s Regional meeting will be held during Regionals on Saturday, September 24th, at the Placer County Schutzhund Club field in Lincoln, CA. Approximate time is 4 pm. Please send a delegate from your club to the meeting.

Further information on the Regional Championship can be found on the championship website:

  • Agenda Items for Regional Meeting

Please email any agenda items to Regional Secretary Lynn Lohner by August 19th, so that we can get the agenda out to all clubs shortly thereafter. Thank you!

  • Procedure for Amending Existing EAFs

Per our USCA President Jim Alloway: If you need to amend a previously approved event/EAF (date change, etc.), please DO NOT submit a new EAF. Instead, email the Regional Director with the proposed change, and we will handle it from there. This will minimize any confusion.

If you have submitted an EAF and haven’t heard back from me within a reasonable amount of time (usually within a few days, no more than a week), please check with me via email before submitting it again. Thanks!

  • Bids for 2017 WDC, 2017 Nationals

The National Events Committee is soliciting bids for the 2017 WDC and for the 2017 USCA GSD IPO3 Nationals. If your club is interested in hosting either of those events, please contact me.

  • Nationals 2016

As you know, W.O.W. is co-hosting the Nationals this year in Merced. If you or your club would like to assist in any way, please email Michele Clubb. We hope to make this another excellent event!

Please be sure to send a club delegate to the General Board Meeting in November!

Clubs that have not yet hosted an event this year

If your club has yet to host an event this year (helper seminar, IPO trial, or conformation show), please contact me immediately with your plans. The year is rapidly drawing to a close, and between Regionals and Nationals, there is little time left to schedule events or submit a waiver.

I wish you all the best in your training and trialing, and I look forward to seeing you at the meeting in September.

Kind regards,
Carissa Kuehn
Northwestern Regional Director

June 20, 2016


Congratulations to our V1 Working Male, Team Leiksaid Kapitan, and our V1 Working Female, Kizzy van de Tempelhoeve. Both dogs are owned by Jack Tsai.

A total of 102 dogs entered the conformation show and breed survey. The dogs ranged in age from 4 months old to 8.5 years old. There were 11 females and 10 males entered in the working classes, and 22 breed surveys total. Congratulations to all of those receiving their breed surveys on their dogs!

Thank you to Menlo Park for hosting our Regional Conformation Show, and thank you to SV Koermeister Rainer Mast for his fair and excellent judging. Thank you to Carol Jones for the updates and for handling all the paperwork!

Kind regards,
Carissa Kuehn
Northwestern Regional Director

May 15, 2016


There have been a few updates to our NW Region webpage.

First, welcome to our newest affiliated club, Gold Country Working Dog Club in Ione, CA! The Clubs page has been updated with their information.

Second, the Home page and the 2016 Regional Events page have been updated with the information for the 2016 Regional Conformation Show and the 2016 Regional IPO Championship.

Lastly, if you or your club are looking for information on the 2016 USCA GSD IPO3 National Championship (co-hosted by our very own Way Out West Schutzhund Club!), you can find the most current information on the 2016 USCA IPO3 Nationals Facebook Page. If you would like to volunteer at the event, please contact Michele Clubb.

Kind regards,
Carissa Kuehn
Northwestern Regional Director

March 5, 2016


Hello Northwestern Region clubs,

Below is a quick update on Regional and USCA news. Please share with your club members. Thank you!

Regional Sponsorship of USCA Sieger Show Trophy
Using the new electronic voting process voted in at our last Regional meeting, the Regional Board voted to sponsor one of the Working Class trophies at the USCA Sieger Show. The motion passed with 4 Yes votes and 1 No Response.

USCA Nationals 2016
A date and location has been set for the Nationals: November 2nd-6th, at Merced College. We are pleased to have Nationals back in our region for 2016! Way Out West will be co-hosting the event. If you or your club wish to help with Nationals in any way, please contact Michele Clubb. I encourage all clubs in our region to help in whatever capacity they can to make this year’s Nationals a fantastic event!

Fees for Helper Seminars
An important E-ballot regarding Helper Seminars was just passed by the Executive Board: EB Ballot #1-16, USCA Sanctioned Helper Seminar/Classification. This ballot sets a cap on fees for all USCA-sanctioned helper seminars/classifications. Fees for USCA-sanctioned helper seminars and classifications may not exceed the fee of $30 per helper. Please make sure that your clubs are in compliance with this new rule. Below is the Background that was included with this ballot:

“Background: Various Clubs/Regions do not charge a fee for Helper Seminars/Classifications. Others charge exorbitant (exceeding usual customary) fees. There is a difficulty with expenses for the Helpers in travel, food, and lodging just to attend a seminar/classification. In an effort to uniform fees, we propose the fee for Helper Seminars/Classifications may not exceed the fee of $30 per Helper.”

The full text of the E-ballot will be posted on the USCA website and included in a future issue of Schutzhund USA.

Changes to the HOT Designation
In December 2015, the Executive Board voted to change the HOT Designation in order to clarify and simplify it. To qualify as “HOT” (Handler Owner Trained), two conditions must be met:

  1. The handler must own the dog by 12 months of age
  2. Once the handler/owner takes possession, the handler/owner must be present during all training of the dog from the time of ownership going forward.

Ownership can be proved by registering the dog in the owner’s name with USCA and/or an FCI-recognized registry by 12 months of age, OR by proving transfer/ownership by submitting a completed USCA identification form by 12 months of age. This second option requires verification by a licensed veterinarian with chip or tattoo identification, and can be performed if there are delays in registration or receiving paperwork. The full description of this EB Ballot #36-15 can be found in the March/April issue of Schutzhund USA, on page 54.

As we head into a busy spring trial season, I wish you all the best with your events, training, and trialing! May you achieve your goals, whether it be a BH or a qualifying score for Nationals, and enjoy your journey with your dog.

Kind regards,
Carissa Kuehn
Northwestern Regional Director

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