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December 9, 2015


Many hours have gone into updating our Trial Rule Book. It is available on-line on the USCA website (Members Only section) []. Thanks to those that donated hundreds of hours of time to clarify and consolidate into the easiest book to read we’ve ever published.

Thanks to the following for their efforts:
Nathaniel Roque
Ann Marie Chaffin
Mike Caputo
Deb Zappia
Mike Gardner
Frank Phillips

I’ve received a lot of calls about the long down. Specifically a dog’s “attentiveness” during the exercise. This is coming off the low number of “Vs” awarded for the long down at the Nationals. The long down judge assured me that he was not judging attentiveness, but rather restlessness. So the take away is NOT to feel compelled to train your dog to stare at the blind during the long down. This is not required and it will not be judged that way; the dog must only and remain calm.

Thanks to all those that volunteer and add value to our fine organization! You are all tremendous assets.

Jim Alloway
THE United Schutzhund Clubs of America

November 3, 2015

RD Update – 2016 USCA Sieger Show Performance Test Rules and More

Greetings, NW Region!

There has been a lot of activity in USCA over the past month or so. Below is a quick run-down of some of the changes:

1. The Breed Advisory Committee for USCA has released the 2016 USCA Sieger Show Performance Rules. A copy of the updated performance test rules was sent out to all member clubs in the Region. However, the document can also be found on the USCA website (you must login first):

2. New regulations for accepting helpers from other WUSV-approved organizations have been approved by the Executive Board. Thank you to our Regional Training Director and to our Teaching Helpers for providing me with their input on these regulations. These regulations can be found here:

3. While we are all USCA member clubs, I know several of our clubs work closely with DVG and other AWDF member clubs. Please let these clubs know that the Judges Release Authorization Fee for USCA judges has increased for non-USCA clubs. Non-USCA clubs must pay $100 for club trials and $200 for championships in order to release USCA judges (GSSCC exempted). The full EB-Ballot can be found here:

4. Clarification of the HOT rules and of the recent events in USCA have been sent out via email to the membership by Jim Alloway. These clarifications can also be found posted on the USCA Facebook page.

Now on to Regional news:

The NW Region’s own Zoltan Nagy is now a USCA Apprentice Judge–congratulations, Zoli!

Date and judges have been confirmed and approved for the 2016 NW Regional Championship. Placer County Schutzhund Club will be hosting the 2016 Regional Championship on September 23-25th, with judges Robert Johantgen (tracking) and Frank Phillips (stadium). And of course, Way Out West Schutzhund Club is co-hosting the 2016 USCA GSD IPO3 National Championship. We are very excited to have USCA’s premier national event back in our region!

We have many trials in our region over the next few months. Best of luck to all those training for and competing in upcoming trials, and best wishes for those looking to earn their qualifying score for the 2016 Nationals. Best of luck, also, to our representatives from the NW Region who will be at Nationals this year: Diane Vegsund, Tim Cutter, and Weston Kester (as one of the four pre-selected helpers for the event). For those not heading out to Kentucky this year, keep track of Nationals here: 2015 USCA Nationals website and Facebook page.

Last but not least: Happy Veterans Day to those of you who have served in our nation’s armed forces. We appreciate your service and sacrifice; thank you!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I hope you all enjoy the fall weather, the Thanksgiving holiday, and the upcoming trials!

Happy training and trialing,
Carissa Kuehn
Northwestern Regional Director

September 28, 2015



Congratulations to Team USA member Debbie Zappia and Iron on their first place finish at the WUSV! Debbie is the first American to win the World Championship, and is one of only two women to do so. Way to go, Debbie! Congratulations, also, to Team USA on all their hard work and dedication. It is a long journey to become a member of Team USA, and no easy feat to compete at the international level. We applaud your effort, perseverance, and commitment!


September 18, 2015


Registration for the USCA GSD IPO3 National Championship is now open! If you have met the requirements for entry into Nationals and wish to register for the event, please visit the online registration page for Nationals and select ‘Register Now’.

Just a reminder, also, that Delegate Letters for the General Board Meeting (held November 12, 2015) are due to the USCA Office by October 12th! Club delegates and alternates must be current USCA members. If you have any questions about the Delegate Letter, please contact Debbie Sweeney at the USCA Office.

The slate of pre-selected helpers for Nationals has been approved by the Executive Board (EB #28-15). The pre-selected helpers for the event are:

  • Gary D’Hue, Jr.
  • Weston Kester
  • Ryan White
  • Don Yelle

Congratulations to all the selected helpers for the event, with special congratulations to Northwestern Region helper Weston Kester for being pre-selected  as one of the helpers for this year’s National Championship!

Judges for the 2015 USCA Nationals are Robert Johantgen (Tracking), Nikki Banfield (Obedience), and Nathaniel Roque (Protection). For further information on the 2015 USCA Nationals, please visit the 2015 USCA Nationals webpage.

Last but not least: Team USA has left for Finland to represent the United States at the WUSV Championship (Sept 23rd-27th). We wish them the best of luck as they prepare for  and compete in this prestigious event! For competition schedules, Live Stream, and more, visit the WUSV 2015 webpage. Helpful time difference information for Live Streaming the WUSV event and checking scores: Finland is 9 hours ahead of Utah, 10 hours ahead of California and Nevada, and 13 hours ahead of Hawaii. Good luck, Team USA!

Kind regards,
Carissa Kuehn
Northwestern Regional Director

September 13, 2015



From Left to Right: Dino Tomassi (5th place), Lynn Lohner (3rd place), Joel Monroe (1st place), Tim Cutter (2nd place), Willie Ortner Jr. (4th place)

From the Regional Director:

Thank you to all who attended the Regional meeting; we missed those clubs who were not able to send a delegate, although we understand that distance and other commitments can make it difficult. We hope to see you here in the future!

Thank you to Central Coast Schutzhund Club for all their hard work in hosting the Regional Championship this year; they did a wonderful job with the event. Congratulations to our 2015 Regional Champion, Joel Monroe! I would also like to congratulate all the competitors on their hard work, dedication, and their support of the championship event. Thank you for trialing your dogs. Win or lose, pass or fail, I hope you all were able to enjoy the experience, your canine partner, and each other’s company. The shared camaraderie at our championship events remains one of my most favorite aspects of our region.

Now for a few business items. First, let us welcome the new Regional Board of Directors:

  • Regional Director – Carissa Kuehn
  • Assistant Regional Director – Michele Clubb (Elmore)
  • Regional Secretary – Lynn Anne Lohner
  • Regional Treasurer – Kay Koerner
  • Regional Training Director – Mario Fernandez
  • Regional Breed Warden – Ajay Singh

Welcome, and congratulations!

Second, several important items were discussed and voted on in the Regional meeting. The meeting minutes will be sent out in the near future, but the most important items are listed below:

  1. Menlo Park will be hosting the Regional Conformation Show and Breed Survey on June 10-12, 2016. Just a friendly reminder that no other events can be scheduled for this same weekend.
  2. Placer County Schutzhund Club volunteered to host the 2016 Regional Championship. Placer will report back to the Regional Board by November 30th with details for the event.
  3. The $25 Regional Trial Fee has been replaced with a $25 Regional Donation, by a unanimous vote of clubs present. Clubs present at the meeting encouraged each other to continue the donation of $25 per trial.
  4. Email balloting for the Regional Board was approved.
  5. We hope to utilize the USCA Regional Training Seminar funds this next year by holding a Tracklayer Certification Seminar. Regional Training Director Mario Fernandez will report back to the Regional Board by November 30th with the specific information for the individual(s) from USCA who will be training and certifying tracklayers for the seminar. For those who are interested in the Tracklayer Program, more information can be found on the USCA website:

Third, Kay Koerner compiled all the motions that have been made in the region since 1979. It was quite a task; thank you, Kay! This compilation is the first major step in maintaining a written document of our Regional Rules.

Lastly, an announcement: Way Out West Schutzhund Club will be hosting the 2016 USCA GSD IPO3 National Championship! We are very excited to once again hold a National event in our region; we hope to truly make this an event supported by all clubs in the Northwestern region. If you or your club is interested in helping with the event, please contact Michele Clubb.

Club contacts, please share this email with your club members; thank you!

I am honored to serve such an amazing and dynamic region. I look forward to what we can accomplish together over the next two years!

Kind regards,
Carissa Kuehn
Northwestern Regional Director

September 9, 2015


The Regional Championship is almost here! We look forward to seeing you all at this year’s championship event in Hollister, CA. Please be sure to send a delegate to the Regional meeting, held Saturday (Sept. 12th) after the last flight of the day (approx. 3:30pm).

The previous meeting’s minutes, the agenda for the Regional meeting, and the Regional Director’s report were emailed out to club contacts on September 1st. If you did not receive a copy but would like one, please email our Regional Secretary.

Best of luck to all the competitors!

See you soon,
Carissa Kuehn
NW Regional Director

August 1, 2015


Our Regional meeting will be held during the Regional Championship weekend, which is September 11th-13th. The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, September 12th, at the Central Coast Schutzhund Club field (1301 Nash Rd, Hollister, CA). We will start the meeting after the last flight of the day, at approximately 3:30 pm.

This is an election year. Offices to be elected at the Regional meeting are: Regional Director, Assistant Regional Director, Regional Secretary, Regional Treasurer, Regional Breed Warden, and Regional Training Director. Per USCA bylaws, candidates for all Regional Officers positions may be nominated by a Delegate from a full member club in the region. All nominations must be seconded. One need not be nominated to receive votes, as write-in balloting is permitted. To be elected at the meeting, candidates must receive a majority of votes cast by full member clubs in good standing in the region.

Please be sure to send a club delegate to the Regional meeting, as we must have a quorum at the meeting for elections and voting; your attendance and representation for your club are greatly valued! The Regional meeting is open to all USCA members within the region who want to attend, but only the designated club delegate can vote at the meeting.

If any USCA member in the region has an item to add to the agenda, please email Regional Secretary Michele Clubb, no later than August 31st. The agenda will be emailed out to all club contacts at least one week prior to the Regional meeting.

I look forward to seeing you at Regionals. Best of luck to all those who are training and preparing to compete at this year’s event!

Kind regards,
Carissa Kuehn
NW Regional Director

July 27, 2015

WUSV/GSDCA/WDA Information

SV judges will only be released to the two recognized WUSV member organizations in the United States: USCA and GSDCA. The WUSV/SV will no longer release SV judges to the WDA.

GSDCA and USCA have opened discussions about the future of the two organizations within the US. Both organizations are committed, through greater cooperation and collaboration, to focus on the German Shepherd dog and the sport of IPO as the driving priorities.

Full text of this announcement can be found here.

July 26, 2015

2016 Working Dog Championships

South Michigan Schutzhund and Police Club will be the host club for the 2016 Working Dog Championships.

EB-Ballot #22-15

July 23, 2015

Judges for National Championship

The slate of judges for the 2015 USCA GSD IPO3 National Championship has been approved. The judges are:

  • Tracking (A): Robert Johangten
  • Obedience (B): Nikki Banfield
  • Protection (C): Nathaniel Roque

EB-Ballot #20-15

July 21, 2015


Beginning in 2016, the WUSV will require that all participating dogs have passing HIP and ELBOW ratings; a-stamp or OFA passing ratings will count toward this new requirement.

There has also been talk/rumor of a requirement that all dogs must have passed a breed survey to participate at the WUSV Championship. This is merely in discussion and will not be mandated in 2016.

Frank and I will discuss with the WUSV membership at the WUSV meeting coming up in September and report back to the membership.

Thanks for all you do for the organization.

Jim Alloway
USCA President