Regional EBallots

October 6, 2019

EB Motion# 2-19 Election for Northwestern Regional Director

Motion by Lynn Ann Lohner, Regional Secretary and Second by Michele Club, Assistant Regional Director that all full member clubs to vote for one of two candidates for the position of Regional Director. Candidates are:

Carissa Kuehn current NW Regional Director
Diane Vegsund past NW Regional Director


After the 2019 NW Regional meeting it was brought to the attention of the Regional Board that per the USCA Bylaws only Full Member Clubs can vote for Regional Officers. It has been the practice of the NW region that the Regional Officers were allowed to vote, however after further review and after consulting with USCA Attorney, it was found that his practice is in violation of the USCA Bylaws. In further review of our process, there was a found a discrepancy in the number of clubs present and eligible to vote and the number of votes obtained. Therefore, compromising the integrity of the results.

In response to this the Regional Board in collaboration with the USCA Attorney determine the need for proceed with a a new vote for the position of Regional Director be done. All Northwestern Regional Full Member clubs will be allowed to vote, even if they were not present at the meeting. Each club contact will select who will represent their club as the delegate for voting. The club delegate must be a current USCA member in good standing. All members of the Regional Board have agreed to abstain from voting and not participate in the voting as a club delegate.

Each candidate was given the opportunity to provide a statement and or resume regarding their qualifications to hold the office of Regional Director. All full member clubs were given 7 days to review provided materials, discuss with individual club members and cast vote to Regional Secretary by October 5, 2019 midnight.


Diane Vegsund Northwestern Regional Director term 2019-2021

MOTION CARRIED October 6, 2019

The change is effective immediately. However, it is requested from the Regional Board that the Regional Clubs allow 1 week for Carissa and Diane to communicate and pass the torch. Please note that it is against USCA National Bylaws for the actual count of votes per candidate to be divulged.

The Regional Board thanks you for all your responsiveness in this election. The process went smoothly and seamlessly this is an exciting time for our Region and possibilities endless with all for your support and participation in regional issues and events. Happy Training!

August 13, 2019

Regional Ballot #1-19: Amend the helper selection process for Regional IGP Championship

Motion by Regional Director Carissa Kuehn, seconded by Regional Training Director Patrick Davis, to amend the helper selection process for Regionals by removing the limit on the number of helpers who can try out, and removing videos as part of the submission/declaration of intent process.

Background: At the regional meeting last year, the region expressed concerns about an overly stringent selection process that limited the number of helpers at tryouts to four, and that required the submission of video of an IPO3 routine as part of the declaration process. While patterned after what helpers could expect if moving on to work dogs at a National level, the region felt that this was too restrictive and discouraged potentially qualified helpers from putting in for Regionals.

  • The proposed amendment would:
    Remove the limit on the number of helpers that can try out at Regionals (and therefore remove the need for the protection judge to narrow it down to the top 4 before tryouts)
  • Remove the requirement of submitting video of an IPO3 routine as part of the helper selection process
  • Add language that helper tryouts will be held to select the helpers for the Regional championship trial, and that all helpers who have declared interest and have met the USCA Helper Program’s requirements for working a Regional trial may try out.

The Proposed Change to Helper Selection has been attached, and was sent out in an earlier email one month in advance, in accordance to Regional guidelines. If passed, this will take effect immediately for this year’s Regional IGP Championship and each championship thereafter.


Yes in favor 12
No not in favor 0
Club noted voted 4

MOTION CARRIED August 13, 2019

Therefore, the amendments will be enacted for this upcoming Northwestern Regionals Helper Selection Process.