2019 Regional Championships Results

2019 Podium, from left to right: Jason Yan and Nanno, Cherie Flores and Baxter, Judge Andrea Duggan, NW Regional IGP3 Champion John Zovickian and Puma, Judge Vadim Plotsker, Deleta Jones and Mako, Kevin Coombs and Indy. Photo: Brian Aghajani.

2019 Regional Championship Results

2019 Regional IGP3 Champion:    John Zovickian with Puma vom Wolfsdreieck
2nd place IGP3:         Deleta Jones with C’Mako vom Haus Bergblick
3rd place IGP3:         Cherie Flores with Baxter vom Sakral
4th place IGP3:          Jason Yan with Nanno du Triangle Magique
5th place IGP3:          Kevin Coombs with Indy vom Kraftwerk
1st Place IGP2:           Rossi Dengler with Alpha vom Haus Denfors
High In Trial:                John Zovickian with Puma
High Tracking:            Cherie Flores with Baxter
High Obedience:       Jason Yan with Nanno
High Protection:       Kevin Coombs with Indy
High HOT Team:       John Zovickian with Puma
High BHOT Team:    Rossi Dengler with Alpha vom Haus Denfors
High Hundin:              Caity Hastings with Xynta vom Haus Tyson
Helpers Choice:        Kevin Coombs’ Indy
Highest Breed Surveyed Dog:  Cherie Flores with Baxter
Jim Lempner Perpetual Memorial Trophy:     John Zovickian
Auslander Trophy:   Kevin Coombs and Indy


John Zovickian/Puma (Touko)938691270
Deleta Jones/Mako928788267
Cherie Flores/Baxter948982265
Jason Yan/Nanno879186264
Kevin Coombs/Indy768493253
Victor Armendariz/Gonzo868186253
Caity Hastings/Xynta (Jade)848087251
Jose Lopez/Havek838580248
Colleen Bartley/Diesel726472-
Sandra Lynch/Rocca78684-
Colleen Bartley/Shasta6073Term.-
Robin Eales/Eich-83DQ - No Out-
Merissa Micochero/GROG---Pull - injury
Rossi Dengler/Alpha737080223
Kevin Forrest/NoblePASS
Jennifer Cargill/ZeldaFAIL
Michele Clubb/XteraFAIL